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UPS Is Changing…

UPS Access Point Deliveries

As you probably know, at Crownmax, we almost always ship via UPS. I suppose that if there are special circumstances, Crownmax might be forced to ship via the U.S. Postal Service. But for the most part, we ship via UPS.

Even though we love the big brown box, we wanted to keep you informed of some changes that UPS has made. The changes that we are going to discuss are called UPS Access Point Deliveries.

UPS Access Point Deliveries are already in effect. They apply to all packages shipped in the US by UPS.

This new UPS policy will almost certainly affect all the packages you have sent to your location. Do you really know where your packages will end up?

Do you know what UPS Access Point Deliveries are? Neither did we. So we did some research. The following was sent to us directly from the UPS home office.

“When a residential customer is not available during the first delivery attempt, the driver will take eligible packages to a designated UPS Access Point location. An Infonotice is supposed to be left to inform the receiver of where the package is.

Regrettably there is not a way to opt out of Access Point deliveries. However, there are ways to have the package re-delivered, and of course it can be picked up directly from the Access Point location.

Your customers can also enroll in UPS MyChoice where they can sign up to receive UPS Access Point notifications. In addition, they will have additional delivery options available to them, like Authorized Shipment Release.

In order to see what areas have access point deliveries the receiver/customer will need to enroll on our MyChoice feature online. It is completely free. MyChoice has the availability for our customers to make changes, receive alert notifications, and set up where they would like there deliveries made.

The MyChoice feature will give the receiver the option to sign up for free delivery notifications by email or by phone text. We also offer a UPS app on mobile devices for the receivers to the view the shipment statues.”

Crownmax works very hard to provide the best customer experience that is possible. Please be aware of and plan for UPS Access Point Deliveries.

Please make sure we have the correct email address on record for you and/or your company. This will make it easier to assure you receive your “Infonotice” from UPS.

Click on this link “UPS Access Point Deliveries” to read more about Access Point Delivery with UPS.