Classic 3-Part Valet Parking Ticket


Product 7801

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  • Size 2-4/5 x 5-1/2
  • Each package contains 1,000 tickets
  • Numbering is 000-999 each box
  • Printed in black ink
  • Perforated for easy tear off

Classic 3-Part Valet Parking Ticket
Our high-quality Classic 3-Part Valet Parking Ticket is printed on heavy-weight 90# card stock in your choice of paper color and printed in black ink.

The top Stub of the Classic 3-Part Valet Parking Ticket has a hole where the stub is attached to the key ring of the vehicle. The top stub has 3 lines that are used to fill in the vehicle information such as the vehicle Location, Color, Make and Model.

The middle Stub of the Classic 3-Part Valet Parking Ticket has a Large Number and should be placed inside the Vehicle on the dashboard so that you can view it through the windshield. There is a diagram of a generic vehicle on the middle stub that can be used to mark body damage that is already on the vehicle.

The bottom Stub of the Classic 3-Part Valet Parking Ticket is the claim check that is given to the customer. The bottom stub of the Classic 3-Part Valet Parking Ticket includes a damage waiver disclaimer that reads:

All vehicles are parked at owner’s risk. No liability is assumed by management or valet contractor for loss or damage by fire, theft, or any other cause to, or by the vehicle while in custody of management or valet contractor. All claims must be presented before vehicle is taken from facility. Any person driving becomes the agent of the owner solely. We are not responsible for articles left in vehicle, mechanical problems or viruses. No employee can modify this contract verbally or increase the liability.

Please Remove All Valuables

If you have events that are more than 1 day, you can use parking tickets printed in one of the different paper colors that are available. Using different paper colors is a deterent for customers that attempt to re-use parking tickets.

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Product 7801

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